Note: The SRC has fulfilled its duty, which was to put the most recent Chomskyan œuvre (Chomsky 1993 et seq.) under critical scrutiny. Witness the output below. Now, it's time to move on to other linguistic spheres… I hand over control to Iwo, who will administer the newly-installed Language Reading Group (LRG).

Syntax Reading Circle (SRC)

where: Anglistisches Seminar, Uni Heidelberg, Room 113

when: changed to Fridays, 1300 – 1700 for winter semester 2009/10!

what:  In this informal reading circle we'll meet on a weekly basis to discuss texts that have decisively characterised contemporary generative theory – linguistic minimalism. As these often appear impenetrable (cf. the Chomskybot), a collective approach shall illuminate the darkness. Afterwards, there's beer in the DS (Drugstore).

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Reading Material (click to unhide)

For Chomsky (1993 = MPLT, 1994 = BPS, 1995b = CT), including handouts, notes, extra topics, etc., go visit Iwo's section.

Minimalist Inquiries: The Framework (Chomsky 2000)
Notes §§ 3.1-3.3
Notes §§ 3.4-3.5
Notes § 3.6

Derivation by Phase (Chomsky 2001)
Notes pp. 1-15
Notes pp. 16-26
Notes pp. 26-42

Beyond Explanatory Adequacy (Chomsky 2004)

On Phases (Chomsky 2008)
Notes on Grewendorf & Kremers (2009)

Approaching UG from below (Chomsky 2007)